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What is the training methodology?


CrossFit is  a sustainable functional fitness regimen that combines Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, basic Gymnastics, and variant forms of Cardiovascular Exercise in a fast-paced interval format that is proven, and empirically supported, to foster superior fitness results. 

DISCLAIMER: This programming may lead to increased levels of confidence, enthusiasm, and perseverance. You may experience symptoms of higher motivation, decreased apathy, and a will to succeed! Proceed with optimism.



Is CrossFit for me??

Unfortunately, many people feel intimidated by what they think they know about CrossFit. One of our goals as an affiliate is to subdue these hindering tensions and let you know the truth. Who is CrossFit designed for?  Y O U !

​"The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind."

The power of inclusion is immeasurable. When you step into our gym, you will be greeted by a coach AND our members. Because that is who we are. It is one of our core values and we welcome everyone into our community with open arms. Many people walk into our gym looking for friendship & fitness. We pride ourselves on doing hard things, together. We frequently attend group events together outside of the gym. You'll see us at the local coffee shops or breakfast spots on Saturdays. If you're new to the area and you're looking for a great place to work out and make some lifetime friends, join us! 

One-on-one/ small group consultations for those new to CrossFit. First consultation is goal discussion followed by reviewing the foundational movements of CrossFit. 2nd consultation is 1 hour of learning foundational movements of CrossFit to ensure you understand the basics before moving into a class setting. Additional consultations may be added on an as needed basis. First 3 are absolutely free! 


Personalized Nutrition

with Trista Long : CF L2, PN 1

WHO IS THIS PROGRAM FOR:  Nutrition coaching is for everyone! There are different levels that work for those who do not follow a specific workout routine to those who are athletes and anyone in between. These programs are tailored to each individual. There is no one size fits all program for nutrition coaching. We will do in depth work together to find the best approach that works for you. 


We start off with an initial consultation which include assessment forms and medical history. There we will discuss what your goals are. We will do weigh in and measurements (if you are comfortable). If not, we will use other tools of measurement that fit your needs. If you have experienced issues with eating disorders or disordered eating, we will find the best tracking tools to accommodate your needs. 

After reviewing assessment forms and goals, recommendations will be prescribed based on those goals. We will have weekly check ins via an app downloaded to your phone, text, facetime or in person (if you are GF member or local)- whichever you prefer.

Check ins- we will evaluate progress, discuss how your week went including- how you’re feeling, performing, sleeping, stress load, etc. and discuss the course of action for the following week.


Your coach will be available on the app, text or phone Monday- Friday 9AM-5PM to assist with meal prep questions, grocery shopping lists and any other questions you may have.


This is a great way to become more accountable with your nutritional choices and a great way to educate yourself on the best nutritional needs for your goals. There is a 3 month commitment to the program.


If you're ready to start, hit the button below! We are ready to help!    

Personal Training Sessions

Personalized training based on your personal needs and preferences. 

Trista is a Certified Women's Coaching Specialist as well as trauma informed to work with a wide array of individuals. 

We offer many different styles of individual/ small group training including:

  • Functional fitness

  • Hypertrophy

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Strength training

  • Pre/Post pregnancy 

  • Hormone Mindful training

Please send us a message for more details!! 

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