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Celebrating a Decade of Green Fire CrossFit: Our Journey, Values, and Community Commitment

Hi everyone! Trista here from Green Fire CrossFit. As we welcome new members to our community and approach our 10-year anniversary, I want to take a moment to share our story, our core values, and why we do things the way we do.

Our Beginnings

Green Fire CrossFit began its journey in 2014 in the old RMP building as Uptown CrossFit. Back then, I was an athlete at the gym and absolutely loved everything about CrossFit. It wasn't long before I had the opportunity to purchase the gym, and I jumped at the chance. My passion for helping others led me to this decision, even though I'd initially studied psychology and worked as a Zumba instructor.

CrossFit filled a gap in my life I hadn't even realized existed. It was the perfect blend of physical challenge and community support, and I knew I had found my calling.

Growth and Transformation

In the past decade, we've seen significant growth and transformation. Moving into the S&T Arena provided us with the opportunity to expand our business and community. We rebranded as Green Fire CrossFit after finding inspiration in a book called "Green Fire," which symbolizes building one's inner life force and strength.

The new space allowed us to offer unique amenities like access to a turf for pushing sleds and flipping tires, and safe running routes free from traffic hazards. This move truly made the arena our home and allowed our community to flourish.

Our Core Values

No Contracts

One of our core values at Green Fire CrossFit is the absence of mandatory contracts. We want everyone who joins us to do so because they genuinely want to be here, not because they're locked into a financial obligation. Life is unpredictable, and circumstances can change quickly. We believe in providing the flexibility for our members to come and go as needed without the stress of breaking a contract.

Transparent Pricing

We are also committed to transparency in our pricing. All our class schedules and fees are available on our website. We keep our costs as low as possible to make CrossFit accessible to as many people as possible. This way, our members don't have to choose between their fitness and other important aspects of their lives, like family vacations or their children's sports.

Community Service

Community service is deeply embedded in our culture. My grandmother taught me the importance of giving back, and I strive to keep her memory alive through our community efforts. Since her passing, community service has become not only a personal value but a core value of Green Fire CrossFit. We regularly organize fundraisers and community service projects, and we encourage our members to get involved.

Celebrating Milestones

We love celebrating milestones, both personal and communal. One of our standout achievements is Jasmine, one of our members, making it to the CrossFit Games. We're planning a special workout and shirt sponsorships to support her. Additionally, our 10-year anniversary is coming up, with festivities including our second annual American Red Cross Blood Drive and a grand celebration.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we're excited about further integrating community service into our quarterly plans. We're launching the Green Fire Gives committee to organize and participate in various community service activities throughout the year.

Thank You

Thank you for choosing Green Fire CrossFit and being part of our vibrant community. It is an honor to coach and support you in your fitness journey. Running an affiliate is a dream come true, and I'm so grateful to share it with all of you. Here's to many more years of growth, health, and community service!

Stay strong and keep moving!

– Trista



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